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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The $10 Doctor's Excuse

I just don't get it - the $10 doctor's excuse. Why on earth would anyone pay $10 for one doctors excuse when for $15 you can have 30 doctors notes? (Want 30 notes? Scroll down to learn more.) There are a handful of websites out there offering one doctor's excuse for the sum of ten bucks. You've probably checked them out before. Here are a selection of them:
  • My Calories Count - (the name was my first clue that this isn't where I wanted to purchase my novelty doctor's excuse note...)

  • Chaswebs - (One question - who is Chas and why is Chas qualified to provide me with a novelty doctors excuse?)

  • 2DayOff - (Why can't I find a link to your customer service department?)

  • DoctorXNote - (When I click on sample the document that pops up is aqua. It's hard to be taken seriously when you display a doctors note the color of the ocean. )
Enough already. Chances are that if you need one novelty doctor's excuse you'll probably need another. Point. Set. Match. Here is where you can get 30 doctors excuse notes for just under $15 bucks - Best Fake Doctors Notes. In this case, the name really does say it all and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Check out this free doctor's excuse website and you'll see what I mean. is a website where people can vote and rate websites that offer novelty printable doctors excuses! It's the best thing to happen to the world of novelty printable doctor excuses since the internet. 

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