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Monday, September 7, 2009

I want to print out a doctor's note

Looking for a novelty doctor's excuse? You should visit websites where you can read user reviews on sites that provide you with your own printable doctor's note. Click Here for the review.  You can also visit this site for more information.

Obtain the stats on novelty printable doctor excuses; don't be a sucker for a scam.

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There are many reasons why folks might have to be absent from work. Here you can find a few basic examples of occasions when people might think about obtaining a novelty printable doctors excuse.

Emotional distress as a result of losing a loved pet
Food poisoning
Allergic reactions to something you ate, or something in the environment
Sprains or other physical ailments

Any of the ailments listed above could be the reason you need to stay home from work or school, but most people won't go to a physician because of these temporary ailments. It is still a necessity for millions of Americans to present a doctor's excuse after an absence period, even if they do not have health insurance. For many people, healthcare professionals cost too much to visit without health insurance.

Employers cannot expect doctor's excuses to be produced by employees, when the employer does not provide them with health insurance. Those fortunate enough to possess healthcare coverage, many times find their copays or deductible unaffordable. And so, websites that offer printable doctor excuses for the solution to their absence problems are used by many people.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Printable Doctors Excuses

Printable Doctors Excuses - Why so Popular?

The following examples are just some of the many reasons why people seek out novelty printable doctor excuses.

Some jobs are not flexible when it comes to sick days. So, if you have had a rough week or just want to experience the effects of a sunny day, you may need to call into work or school. Life is not all about work: all work and no play makes a person depressed and dull. If you need to take a break to improve your overall quality of life, some folks call in and then produce a doctors excuse.

Another reason people use printable doctor excuses is when you are really and truly sick and have used up your sick days, or if you lack health insurance. You may not be able to obtain a doctor's excuse if you don't have the money or the means to see a doctor. Thus, printable doctors excuses are popular amongst the uninsured.

You may have used up all of your sick/personal days and you just have to take a day off. Some people don't even get sick days and that's another reason that people are hopping on to the Internet and downloading novelty printable doctor excuses.

Doctors excuses are a popular downloadable product that will continue to thrive until employers in the US provide a better work-life balance for their employees.

If you are seeking a novelty doctors excuse you should check out Best Fake Doctors Notes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Free Doctor’s Excuse vs. The Paid Doctors Excuse

The debate rages on. A question among seekers of novelty printable doctors excuses is should I go with a freebee or should I shell out a few bucks for a professional looking novelty doctor’s excuse? Whatever you do you probably shouldn't make your own novelty doctors excuse, unless your artistic skills resemble that of picasso.

I guess the answer really depends on what you are going to use your novelty doctor’s excuse for? If you are going to print out a doctors excuse and play a practical joke on friends or if you simply want a doctors note for entertainment purposes you probably should start with a free doctor’s excuse and determine if the quality they provide is sufficient for your needs.

If you intend to use your doctor’s excuse for “other” purposes, and I’m not going to speculate here, you shouldn’t waste your time with free doctors excuses. There is a reason that certain doctors excuses are free while others are a product you pay for and that reason is quality and realism. You can get a decent doctors excuse for $15.

Once you’ve decided that you want to go with quality and realism it can be difficult navigating the options. There certainly are a lot of websites offering novelty printable doctor excuses. It can be difficult to decide which website has the right product for you. A great place to start is at the doctors excuse review. Surf over to this website to read what other people think of the various sites offering printable doctors notes.

The most popular doctor's excuse product out there is Best Fake Doctor Notes. Take a look and see for yourself why this site is so popular. This site is currently rated #1 by users at the doctors excuse review (a printable novelty doctor’s excuse comparison site). The other nice thing about this website is that they give you 30 printable doctors notes for $15 while most other printable doctors note websites just give you one doctor’s excuse with prices ranging from $10-$20. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are there free printable doctor's excuses?

Most people who want to obtain a novelty printable doctor's excuse probably start out searching for a free doctors note. I've done the research and below is what I found for free printable doctors excuses. - A free doctors excuse. It only works for certain cities and it looks pretty fake.

That's what's out there for free. Disappointing huh? Well, you do get what you pay for and that is certainly true for novelty printable doctors excuses.

Most people usually end up shelling out a few bucks for a decent set of printable doctor's excuses. You should check out the highest rated doctor's excuse product on the web - Best Fake Doctor Notes. It's been rated #1 by consumers at the doctor's excuse review. Best Fake Doctor Notes has thousands of satisfied customers. Probably because they have the most realistic looking novelty doctor's notes on the market and they give you 30+ notes for fifteen bucks. Most other sites charge $15 per note.  You can take a look at reviews for doctor's note sites at 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Doctor's Excuse

A major innovation in the world of novelty printable doctors excuses has occurred! A new internet resource with very valuble doctor's excuse information has been launched! So, don't settle for an inferior novelty doctors excuse, discover the best novelty doctors notes!

There are many websites offering printable doctor excuses, but how do you know who has the best doctors notes? How do you avoid scams? What websites offer quality doctor's excuse notes and what websites give you novelty doctors excuses that look like a kindergardener made them?

The answer to all your questions is Best Fake Doctor Notes. This free doctor's excuse website provides user ratings of websites that offer printable doctor excuses. You can also read user comments and learn from their experiences!

If you have purchased a novelty doctor's excuse you should visit and rate your user experience so others can benefit from your knowledge. So don't blindly navigate the world of novelty printable doctors excuses. Let be your guide.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The $10 Doctor's Excuse

I just don't get it - the $10 doctor's excuse. Why on earth would anyone pay $10 for one doctors excuse when for $15 you can have 30 doctors notes? (Want 30 notes? Scroll down to learn more.) There are a handful of websites out there offering one doctor's excuse for the sum of ten bucks. You've probably checked them out before. Here are a selection of them:
  • My Calories Count - (the name was my first clue that this isn't where I wanted to purchase my novelty doctor's excuse note...)

  • Chaswebs - (One question - who is Chas and why is Chas qualified to provide me with a novelty doctors excuse?)

  • 2DayOff - (Why can't I find a link to your customer service department?)

  • DoctorXNote - (When I click on sample the document that pops up is aqua. It's hard to be taken seriously when you display a doctors note the color of the ocean. )
Enough already. Chances are that if you need one novelty doctor's excuse you'll probably need another. Point. Set. Match. Here is where you can get 30 doctors excuse notes for just under $15 bucks - Best Fake Doctors Notes. In this case, the name really does say it all and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Check out this free doctor's excuse website and you'll see what I mean. is a website where people can vote and rate websites that offer novelty printable doctors excuses! It's the best thing to happen to the world of novelty printable doctor excuses since the internet. 

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